The new way for women to find their keys with ease!

Jewelry Key Keypers Purses

Welcome to the home of Key Keypers, the new way for women to find their keys with ease! Key Keypers are a fashionably functional accessory which attach to a woman’s handbag with ease in order to allow her to find her keys without needing to empty the contents of her purse and dig through everything to locate her home or car keys.

I also specialize in making unique one-of-a-kind handmade handbags and jewelry in a wide variety of designs that will accent any woman’s unique style. My products are carried in a variety of different boutiques, but the designs available on this site are special online only designs only available here.

Whether you wish to visit a nearby boutique to inspect my products in person or simply want to acquire some new designs and styles, my site is the perfect destination for all of your accessory needs.
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