About Me

Key Keypers is a result of 30 years of mixed media arts and crafts experience combined with a lifetime of experience as an artist. After working as a  muralist for 17 years I began feeling the urge to branch out artistically into different avenues as a means of both expressing myself and finding new ways to connect with my audience.

In order to branch out from murals I began embellishing purses by hand, and eventually began to make my own custom boutique style purses for myself as well as clients. One day, after returning home from spending most of the afternoon running errands, I reached inside my purse and found my keys sticking quite strongly to the magnetic clasp which held my purse closed. This simple act of serendipity gradually evolved until it became the Key Keyper available on this site today.

Having designed Key Keypers for the past 8 years, I have come up with a wide variety of styles and designs in order to match everyone’s individual aesthetics. Key Keypers are also fantastic for non-magnetic purses as they attach easily and without any invasive action needed on the purse such as additional sewing, thus they will not compromise your investment and are able to be used with any and all purse styles.

Lastly, all Key Keypers are guaranteed to be of the highest quality as they receive direct individual attention from myself and are hand crafted one at a time. Feel free to browse through my catalog of online only designs today or visit one of the various boutiques that carry my products!

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